Passive Woman Simply Aren’t Credible Old Italian Mafia Lady

Passive Woman Simply Aren’t Credible Old Italian Mafia Lady

I once heard from an old Italian mafia lady who said if a man becomes a mafioso, it is because he has a good woman behind him. She then explained that a mafioso without the support of a woman, can’t get anywhere. It may sound like a series of banal statements, but they’re directly from someone who supervised her clan’s members, and the criminal activities of her clan. Additionally they are in direct opposition to the long-held belief of mafias as patriarchal, and discriminatory, and exclude women. There is increasing proof of the involvement of females in organized and transnational criminality.

The world of fiction in the Anglo-Saxon era has been a long time coming to keep up with this part of the real world. Gomorrah, an Italian television show that is based on the research of journalist Roberto Saviano on the Neapolitan criminal group known as the Camorra is an enlightened view of women who are aggressive and involved in the criminal activities of their group.

However, this isn’t the case. The same cannot said of the manner in which women are depict on the drama series by the BBC, McMafia, which follows the gradual demise of the Anglo-Russian banking entrepreneur Alex Godman into a life of criminality. The majority of women characters a bit too easily categorize in the stereotyped category for passive mafia women. In this manner McMafia seems to have not taken advantage of the opportunity to challenge our assumptions about the role that women play in criminal organizations.

Outsiders And Insiders Woman

In the case of portraying organized crime, the fiction industry is slowly catching up with this issue. In the 1970s, in the Godfather film, women were in the film but only peripherally and were portray as non-combatants who are protect by the gangs when they embark on war, and kept out of criminal activity and decision-making. At the time that the Sopranos were release in the latter half of the 1990s the women were aware of the crimes, but weren’t directly involve in making decisions. In Gomorrah the the matriarch Donna Imma is equal to any male. She is in charge of the family away from the husband. She gives commands she makes decisions and doesn’t shy from violence.

McMafia seems to be an homage to the Godfather dayswhen women who are part of the criminal family remain passive fragile relatives to be shield from harm, and are generally exclude from crucial choices. In this show the women shown to be insiders or outsiders. Insiders daughters, wives, sisters and girlfriends are portray as pawns who do nothing for the company however, they pose a risk since they require protection. While outsiders are use to make money that they could earn for their families.

However, the mafiosi’s female relatives don’t live in a state of blissful ignorance. They are involve in criminal activities daily and to claim they are unaware of what’s happening is foolish. Perhaps it is possible to suggest that without the involvement of women, there could be none mafia families?.

Woman Of Honor

Today, there are lots of of women who actively engage in or have leadership roles in criminal organizations. My research interests lie in Italian organised criminals and gender. There are many instances of women who are active. Maria Angela Di Trapani, who was detain in December 2017 was the one who took over the management of her family’s affairs in the district of Resuttana in Palermo as her husband Salvatore Madonia, was in prison.

She was not just responsible for keeping the family running smoothly through paying. The members wages and paying attorney’s fees, she also was involve in extortion as well as other criminal acts. Her name was attribute by State witnesses to be a real man of honor

Rosa Amato, the daughter of an native Camorra manager located in Santa Maria Capua Vetere. Southern Italy woman was the head of the business of the family’s slot machines. In an interview with her in 2012, she told me that although she stayed clear of being involve. The daily conflict of the clan, she believed women could be as helpful as the men.

Sammy the Bull Gravano

In the United States, Debra Scibetta, spouse of Sammy the Bull Gravano of the New York’s Gambino family. Is said to have been aware of the activities of her husband (although she gave the impression of a mafia-style wife). It was state of her. She knows but never tells, she spends but never asks. In 2000, when he had remove from the witness protection program and was arrest. The couple were charge with dealing in ecstasy. This suggests that she was never simply a silent companion.

It is true that things might differ when it comes to women involved in Russian organised crime. However, it’s hard not to think that the case could be different. If Godman was backed by the strength of mafia ladies and gangsters, he would have faced more difficulties. In the present, McMafia focuses almost exclusively on male crime and misses the opportunity to demonstrate to an audience. Of all ages the complicated gender relationships that exist within modern mafias , and the way women work together.